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on July 19, 2017
Bought this wallet a couple of months ago and by far is the best wallet I've ever owned. Not bulky,sticks perfectly to my phone and the leather is really good too. Bought one for my brother and he loves it. Great work!!!

on December 13, 2016
I met Joshua in Austin, TX a few weeks ago and finally found the micro wallet I'd been looking for. The perfect slim device to hold a few credit cards/ID and some cash. The bonus that makes this perfect is you can stick it on the back of your cell phone, or not, using the sticky pad for your ID if desired as a solo wallet without the phone.

on May 24, 2017
Okay everyone, I am here to clear up a few things up and to tell you that if you are a true minimalist like myself or if you have a bad back and cannot put a wallet in your back pocket, then this is exactly what you are looking for.
As some other reviewers have said, that had an issue with cash falling out. I have yet to have that issue. If you do not over stuff the money sleeve and stretch it out to begin with, then you will not have any issues with money falling out. A few bills at most and you are golden. Not a stack of twenties for all you ballers out there. REMEMBER, this is a MINIMALIST wallet.
Another reviewer stated that it was hard to remove cards from the holder. Again, if you are not trying to stuff a ton of cards in the holder then you will not have that problem. I carry 3 credit cards and my insurance card and I have never had a struggle on getting any of them out. As for my drivers license, I stick that to the micro-suction side and I swear it feels like it is super glued on there. Not once has my license even come remotely close to peeling off.
So let me list my PROs because I have no CONs.
American made - extremely durable - Exceptional design - True minimalist wallet - Comfortable and does't leave a huge bulge in your pocket - Sticks to your phone like superglue - If you accidentally drop your phone it acts as a cushion (if the back hits first) - Never have to take it out of your pocket when going through metal a detector.

on September 11, 2016
I love this wallet. But, what I love even more is the people behind it.
After I bought it at our local market, I had second thoughts on whether I could fit everything into such a small wallet. I contacted them to initiate a return, but instead, the owner encouraged me to really use it, and if I still didn't like it, I could return it, even stretched out and used. What did I have to lose?
So, I used it and I love it. After a short breaking-in period, it's soft and has plenty of give for what I carry. And I love not having backaches from sitting on a huge wallet, full of things I don't need.
So, when it started to separate a little at the seams, two years later, I contacted Kapotas to see how much it would cost me to get it fixed. Again, that's not the kind of company they are. They had me return mine and sent me a new one that has been redesigned to avoid the issue.
I can't guarantee that this is the wallet for you, but I can attest to how committed they are to making sure every customer is happy. I would try another product from Kapotas Designs without hesitation.

on June 12, 2017
The slim micro auction wallet by Kapotas designs exemplifies quality craftsmanship and Innovate design. With the option to attach it to any flat surface like the back of your phone, this product simplifies life and the need to worry about where all your important belongings are. Having previously had a wallet that was an inch and a half thick, I decided to purge all the unnecessary gift cards, business cards and stuff I use once a year and simplify my belongings to 3 credit cards, 2 membership cards, a personal ID and cash. This along with the option to keep some cash in the middle pocket has provided great flexibility and lasted 2 years of daily abuse. Initially I used the wallet for its designed purpose of a suction wallet, but after a year decided to try to use the suction pad to hold my ID on. It works spectacular and I am constantly asked how it works and where to get one. I highly recommend this product to all my friends and colleagues looking for a simple wallet solution with impeccable craftsmanship.

on August 10, 2016
The Rockford wallet is very convenient. I got tired of carrying a large purse around with me everywhere so I started searching for a wallet case for my phone. Most of them I found were very bulky and not what I was looking for. I then came across the KAPOTAS ROCKFORD WALLET and was intrigued by the micro-suction technology. I have been using the Rockford wallet for months now and love it. I can now grab my phone and go to the gym, go get my nails done or just run errands and have everything I need in one hand. I have three cards in mine and the micro-suction has stuck to my phone phenomenally without leaving a sticky residue. I really like how I can remove the wallet from my phone and put my ID directly onto the micro-suction to just use as a wallet without my phone. It did start to lift a little on one corner so I took it off of my phone wiped it down with a damp cloth and it suctioned better than new, it is extremely hard to peel off. This excellent quality wallet gave me exactly what I was looking for, convenience and ease. I would recommend the Rockford wallet to anybody!

on August 22, 2016
Please read this review. I have purchased 30+ front pocket wallets of varying designs. And an equal amount that tried to incorporate a wallet feature with a smartphone. The Kapotas wallet is THE ONE. It gives me the flexibility to carry a little cash and my most used credit cards and license as a stand alone front pocket wallet. OR when I am going to the gym or store, I can easily attach to my iPhone 6s and I have a tight package that easily fits in my front pocket. Ingenious design and the communication and follow up from Joshua, the seller, is first rate. Stop looking and BUY THIS!!!!

on June 20, 2017
I can't underestimate how ahhhhhmazing this little thing is! Key word "little". Long gone are my days of traveling and feeling as if I'm getting a permanent indentation in my butt, or just trying to keep up with it. Everything is all together as one, cash, couple credit cards, phone and a ID. I've had mine longer than my last phone, which. Brings me to the next great thing about these wallets. It's NOT permanently attached to any device you place it on. It grips SUPER tight and when ready to move on to the next phone peels right off easy breezy and ready to use again, and again, and again. :-) also hand made in the good Ole USA !

5.0 out of 5 starsIts fantastic! It has endured three different iPhones
on September 8, 2016
I have owned this wallet for three years. Its fantastic! It has endured three different iPhones. One thing I really like is that the high quality leather gets better looking with age. It's never fallen off of the phone either. I have it on a case now and its still secure. Its also holds my primary cards securely. I've seen cheap imitations of this item, but none are even close in quality. I love my wallet!

on September 8, 2016
Received this wallet as a gift .. Wow was I impressed! Not only
at the quality of the leather but the functionality of this
wallet too. When I need to carry my money, ID and a credit card I have it all with me. The convenience is priceless. They are now included on my Christmas gift list!

"I just got a Rockford for Christmas and I LOVE THIS THING. I was so sick of carrying tons of cards around, and I don't know why I tote around the bulk of 15 other cards that I rarely use. I'm a musician and I hate taking a huge, uncomfortable wallet in my pocket when I play. Now - I have one bank card in the pocket, cash in the middle, and my ID stuck to the back. Fantastic!"~CF

"From delivery to use, the Kapotas brand wallet exudes quality. The packaging, wallet design, high quality leather, and the hand made attention to detail truly set this wallet apart from other wallets. My Rockford Wallet's phone adhesiveness has remained attached to my phone since day one; I no longer am concerned with searching for my wallet, or the back issues that can come from keeping a wallet in the back pocket. This product is highly recommended and a true example of what "American Made" should be."~JR

"Very well made and a plus on any phone"~MC

"I love this thing. Bought it for my droid turbo and it looks great. I've been looking for something like this since I got the phone, but they never make anything like this for droids. Super happy with the product. Fits great, looks amazing and works even better. Only one regret... Not getting the one with the cash sleeve. Chances are I'll end up repurchasing it with the cash sleeve."~MT

"This is my second purchase from this shop. The item arrived on time and lived up to the description. I may purchase more in the future as it's catching on as the favorite minimalist wallet in my family." ~ET

"Received my wallet this week and stuck it on the back of my iPhone 6 plus. It is amazing! Unintentional side-effect: it now makes my phone sit better in my car mount and doesn't wiggle anymore. I use it to hold my credit card, license, and work my work badge. I've back several kickstarters and this is probably my favorite and most satisfying reward. Thank you, Joshua!"~TL 

"I received my wallet two days ago and I love it so far. I carry 2 credit cards and a transit card. I placed my ID on the "sticky" side. Perfect!!"~DM

Capt.Vince Russo posted his review of the Kapotas on his channel of over 10K+ subscribers! Thanks Vince for the support!

"Want to add you can also stick an ID or Membership card on the micro-suction, anything non-porous. I use mine as an ID wallet when out on the weekends. Doormen are always asking me about it."

~Capt. Vincent Russo 

As Vince has shown in the video you may need to *add a piece of wide (clear) packaging tape where you intend to attach the wallet. This will provide a completely non-porous surface for the micro-suction to attach to. This has proven to be a great solve for those rubberized phones and cases.

*Please use tape at your own risk. Test a small area first. I can not be responsible for any damage caused to property from third party adhesives.

"I've been using iPhone credit card cases for years and finally decided I didn't want to cover or add bulk to the slim iPhone 6. Kapotas provides a perfect slot for a credit card and drivers license. It's leather contour fits perfectly in my palm and provides traction, improving my hold of the otherwise too slippery iPhone. I couldn't be more pleased. Highly recommended."~DF 

"very nicely made. will definitely buy another when more colors and stitching options come out. hint hint!"~MC

"This is a fantastic little wallet. It is designed to fit on an iPhone, but it works fine on my Galaxy S5, even with the texture on the case of the phone. The construction of the wallet is beautiful. Shipping was very quick"~TW

Thank-you for all your support & kind words.- Joshua