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KAPOTAS is a tribute to my grandfather George N. Kapotas, a self taught sculptor whose strong work ethic and dedication to his craft has long been an inspiration to me. He came to the United States on an agriculture scholarship from Patras, Greece in the late 1950’s. Through perseverance and hard work, he successfully started a landscaping business while providing the “American Dream” for his wife and four children. He raised me to always be humble and respectful, never take today for granted–words that I still live by today.

I am humbled by my customers and I thank-you all for your continued support.

Still trying to fill his heavily worn leather boots.

 Joshua Stebbins- Founder

Siberian Husky "November" Co- Founder

B.F.A. Major Industrial Design -Minor Fashion Design

Savannah College of Art and Design

My passion for designing products came from an unrelenting desire to craft functional, infinitely wearable products.
The source of my inspiration stemmed from the hardest working man I have ever, and probably will ever have had the honoring of knowing- my late grandfather George N. Kapotas, a self taught artist. I remember as if it were yesterday, I was tinkering around my grandfather's workshop. He walked past, however something was slightly different. Something that made me look twice. His pencil wasn't in its usual place in his shirt pocket, it was fashionably stashed into a slit he had cut into the headband of his hat. My curiosity and affinity for design led me to immediately question, “Is that a pencil holder or a hat?” Or both.

He had re-purposed a hat in its simplest of form, and gave it function. This ignited my senses, completely overturning my inexperienced world. Something so simple as cutting a slit into a band allowed my grandfather to carry his tools while shading his head from the summer's cast. This was the defining moment that focused my Kapotas vision to craft functional, infinitely wearable, aesthetically stylish, and timelessly durable products.